jones-familyAs a County Commissioner, I have witnessed the tremendous strain put on St. Mary’s County and all of Southern Maryland by the failed economic policies of our Governor and by Congress. Whether it be sequestration, furloughs, reduced military spending or the tremendous tax increases levied upon us by Governor Martin O’Malley (30% increase or almost $10 billion dollars), the end result is the same — Southern Maryland is at risk.

In addition, the State has pushed down state liabilities (programs the State traditionally funded) onto the Counties (now the Counties have to fund the programs). The teachers’ pensions are a good example of this. Previously, the citizens of Southern Maryland paid a tax to the State and the State paid for the pensions. Now, the State is moving that money to pay for liberal social programs like free tuition for illegal immigrants and forcing the Counties to now pay for the teacher pensions.

There are a number of elected officials in Southern Maryland who wish to significantly raise taxes to “solve” these financial challenges. I do not. In fact, it is why I am running for the State Senate.

As a Commissioner, I have worked hard to keep our taxes low, while at the same time provide the excellent services you have come to expect. I have done this by weeding out waste, putting an end to insider dealings, holding people and projects accountable, and prioritizing spending to where it makes the most sense.

I am running for the State Senate so that I can continue to be an effective advocate for Southern Maryland and our way of life … without raising taxes!

I will put Southern Maryland first!

With Best Regards,
Commissioner Cindy Jones
State Senate Candidate (St. Mary’s County and Calvert County)

PS – Please note that this year the Republican Primary has been moved up to Tuesday, June 24.